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The Modern Beekeeper

Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture, Extended Learning

The only course of its kind in the Atlantic Region, The Modern Beekeeper is a course that offers new and experienced beekeepers hands-on production skills and beekeeping knowledge timed specifically to the annual beekeeping cycle. The Modern Beekeeper will give you the skills and knowledge to expand your operation and prepare you for becoming a successful commercial beekeeper.
Join us in the class and the field! Guided by our team of experts, you will gain valuable skills, information and industry contacts and will experience firsthand, the skills needed to be successful beekeepers.
Module 1 – The Busyness of Bees: April 13th- 14th 2019

1) Applying bee biology to bee behavior, colony organization, and productivity.
2) Recognizing operational safety, security, and health regulations surrounding beekeeping.
3) Exploring costs associated with bee production.

Module 2 – Working Bees and Hive Health: May 11th – 12th 2019

1) Identifying different castes of bees.
2) Assessing colony strength towards meeting minimum pollination grade, splitting, and installing a queen.
3) Identifying symptoms and managing bee diseases.

Module 3 – 3Ps of Bees: June 29th -30th 2019

1) Propagation. 2) Pollination. 3) Products.

Module 4 – Bee Maintenance and Business Growth: August 31st -Sept 1st 2019

1) Key elements of a beekeeping operation.
2) Estimating capital, financing, and cash-flow requirements.
3) Preparing a colony for winter.

$400 +HST per module

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