October 4, 2018 - 09:00 / 04:00



This workshop provides an opportunity to learn how to properly and safely operate a chainsaw. Includes both theory and practical components. It is taught by Safety Services Nova Scotia.

Employers are required under the Canada Labour Code Part II and Nova Scotia Occupational Health & Safety Act to provide training to all persons operating equipment.This course focuses on safe practices and procedure for handling and operation of chainsaws. It is a comprehensive classroom program suitable for both experienced and novice operators. Uses Forestry Professional Guideline.The course format will be lecture style, allowing students to give feedback and participate in a class discussion. Practical exercises will be conducted under controlled conditions.

Required equipment and PPE
Components of machine and safety devices
Pre-operational inspection
Hazards associated with this equipment
Safe operation
Basic maintenance
Techniques for: felling, use of felling aids, limbing and bucking
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